How We Do It


We Do What Works

We use three primary modalities to assess and correct nutritional deficiencies to help you feel and perform your absolute best.These methods work best for those interested in resolving chronic imbalances as well as for athletes who want to tune their performance.

Nutritional Response Testing:

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive way of analyzing the body through muscle testing to determine the underlying causes that are affecting a persons health. This approach to healing balances the body through diet, whole food supplementation, and homeopathy to help remove the stressors that are interfering with normal function and allows the body to self-repair properly.

Designed Clinical Nutrition:

Designed Clinical Nutrition is concentrated whole food in a tablet, capsule, or tea prepared using a process that preserves all of the enzymes and active components that ensure it works as nature intended. These real food supplements are designed to match the needs of the body.
Designed Clinical Nutrition does not consist of over the counter vitamins. Over the counter vitamins are pharmaceutically prepared in a laboratory and are not derived from whole foods – often causing you to be even more deficient and nutritionally out of balance and can even lead to health problems.

A Diet Of Whole Foods:

Your body is an exquisite healing machine. It is capable of regenerating (not arms and legs and tails like some lizards) but bones, tissues, organs. It is capable of restoring balance, strength, and agility. It is capable of literally rebuilding itself in fairly short order- given the right tools. The foundation of the body's essential tool kit is a diet consisting of whole, real, foods filled with the nutrients that the body craves for its wellbeing.