Your Potential For Women's Health


Women Are Special!

Women’s health may seem mysterious to many but most women’s health issues are imbalances that can be corrected.

For example- did you know that pain, bloating, and moodiness are typical but NOT normal for women?

PMS is not necessary and is a sign of hormonal imbalance in the body.

PCOS, Fibroids, irregular menses, endometriosis, and the like can all be corrected when your body is in balance.

Menopause is a process that can be well managed without the usual “bumps in the road”.

A Healthy Woman Is A Happy Woman

Health and happiness go together like peanut butter and jelly. We help you get happy by helping you better manage the stress in your life. Acupuncture and herbs can take you the distance!

For additional information how acupuncture can be used to support women's health, please read Christabel's detailed article on: Acupuncture for Fertility: Getting Pregnant, Childbirth Preparation, and Post Partum