The Rolf Work Experience


Classic Rolf work consists of ten sessions. This initial series works through the entire body to organize and bring the body structure to a higher level of order.
The resulting functional integration of the body's parts into a whole, brings a smoother, more efficient, movement, lightness, and ease to the your overall being.

Session 1: Increases your air flow and ease of breath.
Session 2: Builds a more stable and dynamic foundation for your entire body.
Session 3: Extends the lateral line of your body.
Session 4: Extends the center line of your body.
Session 5: Continues where session 4 left off, extending the medial line of your body.
Session 6: Extends and balances the lower end of your spine.
Session 7: Balances your head on top of the spine.
Session 8: Balances the whole lower segment of your body.
Session 9: Balances the whole upper segment of your body.
Session 10: Integrates the previous work by balancing your entire body.

Advanced work and post 10 sessions can continue to help the client achieve progressive improvement over the rest of their lives.