We make Gravity a positive force!


Gravity IS the therapist (how we get gravity working FOR us instead of against us).

Gravity is the force which draws us toward the center of the earth. The earths opposing force pushes up through our body. The more aligned our structure is with the gravitational field, the more evenly the upward force is distributed throughout our entire structure-effectively the earth holds us up. Because gravity is always pulling us into the earth, the more aligned our structure is with the force of gravity, the more the gravitational pull helps us to maintain balance within its field. In other words, the more aligned our structure is with the field of gravity, the less energy we expend on holding ourselves up. This results in a more upright posture.

Chronic tension of muscles is the body's response to chronic mis-alignment with the gravitational field (i.e. sitting at a computer with the head thrust forward on a daily basis for an extended period). As gravity pulls down on the head, the body responds by tensioning various head, neck, and back muscles because there is nothing underneath the head to support it in its forward thrust position.

This will result in the head, neck and back muscles trying to hold the head up at great energetic expense (and often much pain) to the body. This person will, when standing, typically display the forward head thrust. This situation could be remedied by simply positioning the head over the shoulders, the shoulders over the hips, the hips, over the knees, the knees over the ankles, etc. to create a stable base for the structures above. This is what Rolfing Structural Integration does.