Bend Center For Integrative Health And Wellness

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Who We Are

Bend Center For Integrative Health And Wellness is a comprehensive wellness clinic incorporating the best of internal medicine, with body therapy, lifestyle, and mindful living coaching.

Christabel Tabbada is an Oregon State, California State Licensed and Nationally Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist. As a former athlete, Christabel understands the unique needs of athletes of all ages. As a mother, her passion lies in the areas of women's health, couples fertility, pediatrics and family medicine.

As a former college and masters athlete, Christabel has deep experience in treating athletic injuries of all types, in addition to helping athletes discover new levels of performance as they rise to higher levels of health.

Her studies in China, never ending quest for knowledge, and profound personal experience, enable Christabel to both understand and effectively treat issues around the female cycle (including fertility) in addition to providing both pre and post natal care.

Christabel is a pediatric specialist and has treated her children with Chinese Medicine and nutrition since birth. She uses pediatric acupuncture in addition to pediatric tui na (massage) and specially designed pediatric herbal and nutritional formulas.

Manny Aragon BCSI, LMT is a Board Certified Practitioner of Structural Integration and a Oregon State Licensed Massage Therapist. As a Structural Integrator, Manny graduated from the Guild for Structural Integration in Salt Lake City, Utah- he is certified by the Guild at the Advanced level and has been practicing since 1998.

Manny has a passion for adventure, physical activity, and a deep appreciation for partnering with clients to help get them to the level of physical and mental performance they seek. His background is in athletics, martial arts, and personal training. He has had experience in endurance sports -strength endurance as a Kettlebell Sport competitor and coach and Endurance Racing as a triathlete, runner, and cyclist.

Manny understands athletes from all backgrounds: team sports with explosive movements as well as individual athletes from both slow twitch backgrounds (triathlon, distance running, ultra, etc) and fast-twitch backgrounds (track, weight lifting, etc).

Manny has a knack for creative problem solving- helping people with difficult to solve challenges find comfort, poise, and performance in their bodies. Many changes can happen quickly with neurological reprogramming while some solutions may take a longer metamorphosis- either way- Manny is there to guide you on your path to the next level.