21 Day Metabolic Tune Up


Are you feeling tired, sluggish...or even have a few pounds you'd like to lose?

Are you suffering from any of the following?


  • Excessive weight
  • Fatigue or sluggishness
  • Constipation or bloating
  • Mood swings or depression
  • Insomnia or anxiety at night
  • Poor concentration or poor memory
  • Pain in the joints/muscles or back aches
  • Acne, hives, rashes, or dry skin


Did you know that these symptoms can be caused by a buildup of metabolic waste and toxins within your body and liver and kidneys in particular?

Our philosophy is to address the needs of the whole person

We go directly to the source of the problem. Optimal health is our goal and weight loss is the natural result of good health

For many or our clients we recommend out 21 Day Metabolic Reset program to kick start the journey to optimal health.

Our 21 Day Metabolic Reset program gets to the root of the imbalance, helping you to look better, feel better, have more energy, and lose weight naturally.

Our 21 Day Metabolic Reset Consists Of:

  • Delicious whole food nutrition/protein shakes
  • Eating whole, organic unprocessed anti-inflammatory foods
  • Drinking plenty of clean clear filtered water
  • Supplements containing whole foods and botanicals to assist your body’s purifying organs (kidneys, liver and intestines) in eliminating toxins
  • Don't worry- you won't starve!

    Our program encourages eating a variety of healthy, energy sustaining foods throughout the day to keep you on the top of your game.

    Along with your delicious nutrient-rich foods, protein shakes and powerful whole food supplements, our 21 Day Metabolic Reset Program includes:

    • 4 Weekly progress evauations (one prior to starting the first week and at the end of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd weeks). Each week we will check your weight, body fat percentage change, lean muscle mass, bone mass, blood pressure, and we will review your food diary with you.
    • All necessary supplements are included with the program.
    • Delicious whole food recipe booklet and shake recipe book.A supportive and FUN group environment!

    Participants report initial weight loss from 6-25lbs, clear skin, increased energy and strength, better sleep, and greatly diminished, if not eliminated body pain, in addition to a greater sense of well being.