Structural Integration Stops Pain!


Structural imbalances often lead to long term pain that is unresponsive to traditional treatments and even surgeries.

Structural Integration takes a holistic approach and rebalances the entire body structure, recognizing that the body is not a series of parts, rather, it is an interconnected system of interdependent parts.

This process takes places over a series of sessions, each with a specific goal- and working toward the overall goal of getting the bodys tensional system balanced in the gravitational field.

Structural Integration works where other methods fail because it addresses what they don't- the entire body.

Our comprehensive programs use Structural Integration, Personal movement assessment and training, along with self care training to get you the results you are looking for!

Our programs produce lasting changes in your body. Our clients report feeling greater length, balance, and ease of use in their bodies.

Over a course of series of sessions, one's posture and postural habits improve noticeably and can
change dramatically.

Structural Integration can literally change the shape and function of your body!